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- 2004, Xu Hui company to build "Jane Eyre Paul" custom home project.

- Foshan city in 2007 by the Quality Supervision Bureau as "the quality of the products," and in the "Foshan daily" published.

- the first time in 2007, the Chinese version of the Hongkong construction guide published an advertisement.

- 2007 in the Olympic Partner "Sohu" to do "Jane Eyre Paul" brand promotion. Www.sohu.com.

2007 - the world's largest search engine "Chinese Baidu" brand promotion. Www.baidu.com

- 2007 in the Google network to promote the brand and become a strategic partner of Google China, www.google.cn

- in 2007, the first time in the "discovery of resources," published in brand advertising.

2007 - awarded "AAA grade credit enterprise" title China quality.

- 2007 in the "China Import and export commodity network" to promote "Jane Eyre Paul" brand, products are exported to all over the world.

- 2007 in the "China supplier platform" to promote "Jane Eyre Paul" brand.

- in 2007, China's import and export commodities fair as a member of quality suppliers.

- in 2007 by the China Internet News Center as "China's credit enterprise certification system demonstration unit".

- 2008 to actively explore overseas markets, to participate in the International Building Materials Exhibition held in Dubai in May.

- launched in 2009 12114 SMS platform.

- 2010 "Jane Eyre Paul" new plant is completed, the use of an area of 80000 square meters, which is the industry's most.

- Guangdong Province in 2010 the only industry in the closet to participate in the Guangdong economic and trade fair.

- Foshan city in 2010 was awarded the Quality Management Association awarded the "quality and integrity of the unit".

- 2010 was elected to the National Federation of furniture decoration industry chamber of Commerce Professional Committee executive director.

- 2010 signing of the famous movie star Kathy Chow as "Jane Eyre Paul" brand spokesperson.

- 2010 is recommended for the promotion of CCTV brand, to step on the CCTV media brand promotion of new stage.

- March 2011 in China (Guangzhou) wardrobe exhibition, for the national investment made gratifying achievements.

2011 - sponsored "Yulin pharmaceutical" China Hercules open Invitational cup.

- July 2011 to participate in the thirteenth China (Guangzhou) International Construction Fair, the national investment results.

2011 - November in Fujian sea Lai furniture exhibition, open coastal city of Fujian and Taiwan, Southeast Asia and other regions.

- March 2012 to participate in the China (Guangzhou) wardrobe exhibition, re elected to the National Federation of furniture decoration industry chamber of commerce professional committee.

- July 2012 to participate in the fourteenth China (Guangzhou) International Construction Fair, and its host country's second wardrobe dealer meeting.

- 2013 was elected as the president of China's overall home league.

- 2013 invites the international famous film star Tony Leung to join "Jane Eyre Paul", which has caused wide attention in the industry.

- 2013 was awarded "China's Pan home development in the enterprise 500 strong" honorary title.

- July 2013 to participate in the fifteenth China (Guangzhou) International Construction Fair, the national investment to achieve a successful.

- 2013 was named the wardrobe industry, the most respected brands".

- April 2014 across the board to introduce German production line to achieve gorgeous turn.

2014 - June to Wanhua Group opened zero formaldehyde green new era.

- in July 2014 with Baidu, 360, Sogou cooperation, every year plans to launch online advertising nearly 10 million.

2015 - February Jane love Paul and Zhejiang TV host "China" successfully signed brand endorsement.

2015 - March Jane love Paul new door comprehensive listing of products.

- April 2015 Jane Eyre Paul product comprehensive upgrade, open the non - formaldehyde wardrobe.

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